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Optimal Health Pack

Optimal Health Pack

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Achieving long term optimal health requires a balance of nutrition and exercise that positively benefit multiple aspects of your body. But, how do you ensure your supplying your body with nutrients that support your overall function?

Introducing the Previnex Optimal Health Pack! Our Optimal Health Pack is a combination of Pharmaceutical Grade supplements that benefit your heart health, digestive health and more, by combining our Multi Vitamin, Mineral & Antioxidant, Omega Pure Plus and Previnex Probiotic.

Multi Vitamin, Mineral & Antioxidant PLUS
A complete Multi Vitamin with Minerals, Antioxidants and more, carefully formulated for balanced nutritional support.

Omega Pure PLUS contains optimal levels of both EPA and DHA, to specifically support circulation, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, healthy red blood cells, and overall cardiovascular health. 

Previnex Probiotic
Previnex Probiotic builds and supports a healthy digestive system and maintains digestive balance. 

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  • Helped energy level!
    After about two weeks I noticed a dramatic difference in my energy level!!!

    by: CatM - (Posted on 12/13/2015)

  • Best Of The Best
    This is the best value for the price. These are the highest quality nutrients you could ever put in your body, nothing should be taken unless it is pharmaceutical grade, just like Previnex. The amount of energy I get from these supplements keeps me going day in and day out.

    by: Dr. B - (Posted on 4/18/2015)

  • 5 stars
    As a breast cancer survivor, I have to thank Previnex's products for rebuilding my immune system. I have been taking Pevinex Optimal Health Pack for over a year and feel absolutely terrific! I have more energy than I ever imagined. I recommend this to everyone. It did wonders for me! Thanks Previnex.

    by: BH - (Posted on 12/18/2014)

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